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We are grateful to all those who have submitted proposals to PSBT, for our Fellowships 2015-16. We are processing the proposals and remain open to new ones, till we have evolved our short list, through our general call for proposals, open at all times.

We will shortly get in touch with select filmmakers to discuss their proposals further. All other proposals will remain under consideration till the final short list is announced.

The delay in the release of funds from Doordarshan continues. We will commence commissioning and documenation once they are received. At the moment, we expect this could take 2 to 3 months. Please keep watching this space for further updates.

Thank you for your patience.


The Fellowships will be commissioned in partnership with Doordarshan.

The Films to be commissioned will ordinarily be 26 minutes in duration, and 52 minutes in exceptional cases.

The following documents will govern the proposals that are submitted and finally commissioned:


Proposals will be accepted only in the FORMAT PRESCRIBED by PSBT, available here, from 09 to 22 February 2015. No hard copies will be accepted.

Please ensure that you read all the associated documents – Idea Submission Agreement, Draft Agreement, Sample Budget, List of Deliverables, etc., before you propose a film and budget.

Short listed filmmakers will be required to elaborate on the submitted proposals and budgets, before further consideration. They may be invited to pitch their proposals before a panel in Delhi. The subject and budget presented in the final detailed proposal should not be at variance with the one being submitted now, unless so discussed with PSBT.

PSBT is not liable for any proposals that do not reach us/ or do not reach us on time.

Please write to us at in case you have any difficulty filling or submitting the Proposal Form.

If you are currently doing a Film for PSBT, you are eligible to apply only if your Rough Cut has been submitted or will be submitted before the end of this Call. Please note that if the Rough Cut is not submitted, the submitted proposal will not be considered.

PSBT is committed to supporting Indian filmmakers, ordinarily resident in India.


PSBT is always open to exceptional proposals. If you feel you have something to propose, please register below and submit your proposal through our online submission interface. Please note that if you have already submitted a proposal for the Fellowships 2015-16, you cannot submit another proposal.

Please click SUBMIT PROPOSAL below to reach our Proposal Submission Interface.

You will be required to sign in and register before you can submit your Proposal. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU CREATE A UNQIUE PASSWORD FOR THIS INTERFACE. DO NOT SIGN IN WITH YOUR EMAIL PASSWORDS.

The Director and Co-Director profiles you create can be edited and updated once submitted, but once a proposal is submitted, it cannot be updated, modified or overwritten.

An applicant will be allowed to submit no more than ONE Proposal.

A maximum of two applicants will be allowed per proposal.

Please note that saving your proposal is NOT equivalent to submitting it.

Write to us at in case you face trouble filling or submitting your proposal.


PSBT encourages the production of innovative documentary films and is committed to expanding the constituency of filmmakers within the genre. We strike a balance among first-time filmmakers, students of recognised media institutions – including recent graduates, women filmmakers and those with achievements and recognition in related fields. 67 per cent of our Films are by first-time and starting out filmmakers; usually, more than two thirds have not worked with PSBT before; almost 50 per cent by women and 100 per cent are independents – no middlepersons or production companies.

Our commissioning procedure is transparent. All proposals are circulated amongst all our Trustees and donors. Based on their comments and our expertise, a short list is arrived at. Final commissioning is done based on detailed proposals we invite from those short listed and discussions with the filmmakers.

A variety of considerations play a role in our short listing: the significance and topicality of the subject; its appropriateness; linguistic, regional and gender diversity; a balance between first time and experienced filmmakers; the proposed treatment and budgetary parameters, inter alia. If your proposal has not been short listed, it does not necessarily mean that it has been ‘rejected’ or found wanting, per se. Every proposal we receive is valuable and a potentially good film, but with our limited resources, we are forced to choose only a select number to support.

PSBT actively engages in commissioning and supervision of the production of films in a transparent, credible and professional manner. Any attempts to influence the process lead to disqualifications. We also discourage filmmakers from seeking to meet PSBT while their proposal is under consideration, to ensure a level playing field.

While we usually encourage filmmakers to submit proposals when there is an active call for proposals, we are always open to exceptional proposals, in particular, topical ones. If you feel you have something exciting to propose, please submit your Proposal by filling the General Commissioning Proposal Form below.

By submitting a proposal you accept our commissioning process and the final decisions we make.

Also see FAQs for more information on our commissioning process.

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